Piercing Barbells, Piercing Studs

Do you want to wear comfortable and beautiful piercing jewelry? Check out our selection of stylish barbells and studs! Jewelry for your piercing should be safe and durable. It's important to feel comfortable and be sure that your piercing is healthy and attractive. Our straight and spiral, curved and circular barbells and studs are made of best quality materials. You don't have to search any more- we offer you the widest choice of various types of studs and barbells at the lowest prices available. Multiple designs, styles and gauge sizes are always to your disposal.

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Captive Bead Rings Captive Bead Rings Circular Barbells Circular Barbells Curved Barbells Curved Barbells
Ear studs Ear Studs Industrial Barbells Industrial Barbells Labrets, Monroe Studs, Lip huggers Labrets
Nose Studs & Screws Nose Studs & Screws Spiral Barbells Spiral Barbells Straight Barbells Straight Barbells