Do you want to have magnificent jewelry for your ear piercing? Check out our selection of stylish tusks! Tusks came into fashion not so long ago, but they have very long history. Tusks of animals were worn in ancient tribes where they symbolized strength and courage of the hunters who took these tusks from the animals killed by their hands. Tusks will add a hint of wild elegance to your outlook. Our mother of pearl, stainless steel and titanium tusks are to your disposal at the lowest prices available.

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8 gauge steel tusk with two black O-rings8 gauge steel tusk with two black O-ringsRetail Price: $5.29
Your Price: $4.60
Glow in dark taper, 2 ga with two clear O-ringsGlow in dark taper, 2 ga with two clear O-ringsRetail Price: $7.75
Your Price: $6.74
Faux 0 gauge expander, 14 gaFaux 0 gauge expander, 14 gaRetail Price: $15.51
Your Price: $13.49
Labret with long curved steel tuskLabret with long curved steel tuskRetail Price: $11.49
Your Price: $9.99
16 gauge steel twisted pincher16 gauge steel twisted pincherRetail Price: $4.59
Your Price: $3.99
10 Gauge Steel Claw10 Gauge Steel ClawRetail Price: $5.46
Your Price: $4.75
Pair Of Spiral Earrings, 6 GaPair Of Spiral Earrings, 6 GaRetail Price: $10.34
Your Price: $8.99