Handcuff Nipple Shields and Rings

Do you want to have extreme designed and stylish nipple piercing jewelry in your collection? Check out our selection of unique handcuff nipple rings! Handcuff nipple rings look up-to-date and sexy. Handcuff symbolizes dark sides of our life, law-breaking and justice. The unique elegance of handcuff nipple rings makes them so popular nowadays and you can enjoy their high style and quality at the lowest pries ever met. In our collection you'll find handcuff nipple rings in best quality materials, various gauge sizes and designs. Add a hint of dangerous elegance to your outlook!

Handcuff Nipple Shields and Rings: 8 items
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Captive bead ring with skull and handcuffs, 16 gaCaptive bead ring with skull and handcuffs, 16 gaRetail Price: $8.04
Your Price: $6.99
Captive Bead Ring with Skull And Handcuffs, 12 GaCaptive Bead Ring with Skull And Handcuffs, 12 GaRetail Price: $9.19
Your Price: $7.99
Nipple ring with dangling rainbow handcuffNipple ring with dangling rainbow handcuffRetail Price: $8.61
Your Price: $7.49
Nipple Ring with Handcuff, 14 GaNipple Ring with Handcuff, 14 GaRetail Price: $12.64
Your Price: $10.99