Nipple Retainers

Do you want to have comfortable and reliable nipple retainers in your collection? Check out our selection of stylish and high quality nipple retainers! If you have to remove your nipple piercing for operation or to hide it for any other reason, you'd better have a nipple retainer at hand. It will keep your piercing open yet unnoticed. Our nipple retainers are available in clear and colorful plastics, rubber and PTFE. Various shapes and sizes are to your disposal. Our nipple retainers have proved to be safe and durable. Be ready for different situations!

Nipple Retainers: 3 items
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Half ball bioplast straight barbell/retainer, 14gaHalf ball bioplast straight barbell/retainer, 14gaRetail Price: $3.44
Your Price: $2.99
Half ball tongue retainer, 10 gaHalf ball tongue retainer, 10 gaRetail Price: $3.44
Your Price: $2.99
Pink Tongue Piercing / Nipple Piercing Retainer, 14 GaPink Tongue Piercing / Nipple Piercing Retainer, 14 GaRetail Price: $2.86
Your Price: $2.49